• David Ulevitch

    David Ulevitch

    SVP / GM of Cisco Security Business. CEO and Founder of OpenDNS. I play the long game.

  • Mike Schneider

    Mike Schneider

  • @ChrisMatthieu


    Builder of companies, robots, supercomputers, & motorcycles. @xrpanet & @twelephone CEO. Formerly @magicleap @computesio @citrix @octoblu @nodester @teleku

  • Dian Zhang

    Dian Zhang

    Journalist-turned-researcher. Enjoys storytelling. Always working on my next one.

  • Brian Wang

    Brian Wang

  • Nikhil K

    Nikhil K

    Wireless R&D & BizDev| Works on 5G at NI| 3GPP delegate| PhD, UT Austin | Hiker| photographer| Passionate Traveler| NFL fan| Indie music| budding poet

  • Gus Coldebella

    Gus Coldebella

    General Counsel at Paradigm

  • Luis Bravo

    Luis Bravo

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